I firmly believe

In the idea of link between ‘strength of the soul’ and ‘affliction’,

I firmly believe

that you get the love you’ve destined

either in part

with labels upon,


or as a whole

throughout your life,

by your side.

I want to…

I want to talk with your arms intertwined with mine

on the thoroughfare which used to haunt me when you hadn’t arrived.

And give it reverse to them.

I want to swank you to the winds of the seashore which used to drive me crazy when you hadn’t arrived.

I want to stargaze with you,

and roll my eyes to the sleepless nights I’ve spent.

I want to flaunt wearing those colours to my mind,

which I used to disregard purposely.

I promise I won’t chuckle heavy-heartedly anymore, when someone says “Everything’s gonna be fine”, “time heals” because I know that’s true.

I’m not ashamed to say you are centre of my universe.

Maybe you’re next to me or far away!

Because you’re like no other, and you’ll always be

even when we’re together or not.

Honestly togetherness never mattered.

I won’t ever turn stranger to the way of life you’ve introduced me to,

You promise me you won’t let go of me

even though when fate’s jealous,

promise me you’ll fight with her and bring me back,


She was a book..

With some flurries and sensations,

With spacious eyes, fuller lips.

With heavy, confused heart

and much underrated, colourful mind

Little nervous to divulge her sufferings.

She was unlike others

with some imperfections and many faults

yet being attractive.

Most of people didn’t even bothered reading

after chapter ONE

And the rest of them didn’t understood.


Sweet stupor

Shady and true

Being guilty

Of every hardship I put you through

Disguised truths

Broken ties

And apparent lies

Every drop has story

coming out of eyes

We stand together

Or whatever

It is all faded away

Now please smile ?

We aren’t away in miles

No more sadness

No more staying away

Being apart isn’t easy and fine

Stay near and be mine

Let’s make my way,

Your way

The one way.

OUR way!

The Mystery Blogger Award

Thank you Neha Kulkarni for nominating me for The Mystery Blogger Award.

She’s an amazing blogger💙 Do check her blog 🙂


1.If you were given 3 wishes to be granted, What would your 3 wishes be?

⁃ clear my rest of the CA exams in first attempt.

⁃ get someone back I lost

⁃ few more wishes! 😛

2.When you think of the word ‘Happiness’, What comes to your mind?

⁃ 👻+ Pizza (cause I love pizza😛)

3.Which cartoon character or any Series character would you like to be?

⁃ None.

4.Which of the Talk Exchange posts’ is your favourite?

⁃ Of course I love all of them. If I had to select one It’d be ‘Rise After The Fall’

5.How would you describe yourself in a single statement?

⁃ I end up hurting everyone.